Check Out Shutterstock Prices for Every Budget

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Are you looking for a stock photo website with high quality image collection and affordable pricing? Shutterstock has it all. It has over 80 million premium content in its collection, with 100,000 more added every week. It also offers simple pricing that will surely fit your budget. Shutterstock prices vary according to the number of images and users, subscription plan, and image license. They range from $49 to $1,699, depending on your creative needs.

How many images do you need? Are your image needs consistent? To determine which plan and pricing to purchase, you need to be able to answer these crucial questions. If you only need images at the moment and have no knowledge on when you will need to purchase again, you can opt for images on demand. On the other hand, subscription plans are recommended for regular image needs. If you need a special license, you will also need to get a different plan.

Images on Demand

Shutterstock prices for images on demand vary according to the number of images included in the packages. The most basic package contains 5 images for only $49, while the bigger image pack with 25 photos costs $229. All images include a Standard License, which allows you to use them in any creative project for as long as you like. Just keep in mind that all images must be downloaded within one year of purchase.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans come in two types: monthly and annual plans. They allow you to access the entire Shutterstock collection with no daily download limits. Both plans offer 350 and 750 images for different Shutterstock prices. To get the best value for your money, we recommend the yearly plan. For the annual plan, 350 images and 750 images cost $169/month and $199/month respectively. On the other hand, the monthly plans for 350 and 750 images cost $199 and $249 correspondingly.

Team Plans

Team plans are annual plans which prices vary according to the number of members of the team. If you have two members on your team, it will cost you $299/month; $399/month for 3 members; and $499/month for 4 members.

Enhanced Plans

If you need the images for merchandise or print runs over 500,000, you need to acquire an Enhanced License plan. Of course, it is more expensive than the Standard license. Shutterstock prices for images with Enhanced license are $199 for 2 images, $449 for 5 images, and $1,699 for 25 images. All images must be downloaded within one year of purchase as well.

Pricing and quality are two of the main reasons why many bloggers, web designers and business people choose Shutterstock as their primary image source. The stock photo website’s features are also one of the many things that make it stand out against its competitors.