Buy Stock Photography from a Stock Agency

Are you looking for photos that you can retouch, edit and manipulate without limitations? You can find them in the vast libraries of stock photo agencies. Stock photos come with a standard license that allows you to use the images multiple times and edit photos without much resistance. While free photos are available in the Internet, they come with certain risks and can be limiting. You should buy stock photography to save time and money.


5 of the best places to buy stock photography include: 99 Club by StockPhotoSecrets, Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock and Depositphotos. Some are more expensive that the others, but they all provide the same things – high quality stock images and savings!

  • 99 Club offers 200 XXL images for just $99. It is perfect for small businesses and freelance graphic designers who require large volumes of stock photos on a tight budget. The stock site has over 4 million content, with over 80,000 more added every month. It also features premium content exclusive to the website. 5-agencoes
  • Shutterstock allows you to buy stock photography via credits and subscriptions. With over 84 million content, it has one of the largest stock collection in the market. It has flexible plans and credits that will suit your creative needs and budget. Compared to other stock agencies, it may be on the higher price end.
  • iStock has been in the industry for over 10 years. It allows you to buy stock photography via credits and subscription plans. If you are looking for really unique images, the stock site has some of the highest quality images in the market. Their regular images are great and their collection has millions.
  • Adobe Stock is one of the newest players in the industry. It is perfect for Creative Cloud users because it is integrated with the software. A single image costs $9.99, but you can also get a plan of 10 images for $29.99. Although it may be more expensive than other stock sites, it allows you to design and comp the images before buying them.
  • Depositphotos offers three kinds of buying options – credits, daily downloads, and monthly downloads. It has over 49 million of stock content in its collection and offers one of the cheapest plans in the industry. Their competitive pricing and flexibility of their plans are its strengths.

When it comes to jump-starting and completing creative projects, it is the best idea to buy stock photography. Stock images give you the ability to edit photos however you like. Free images come with limitations and risks that would destroy your reputation and empty your pockets. On the other hand, you can use stock photos in any project, multiple time, for as long as you like. Never leave your desk and buy stock photos online now!

Check Out Shutterstock Prices for Every Budget

shutterstock (2)

Are you looking for a stock photo website with high quality image collection and affordable pricing? Shutterstock has it all. It has over 80 million premium content in its collection, with 100,000 more added every week. It also offers simple pricing that will surely fit your budget. Shutterstock prices vary according to the number of images and users, subscription plan, and image license. They range from $49 to $1,699, depending on your creative needs.

How many images do you need? Are your image needs consistent? To determine which plan and pricing to purchase, you need to be able to answer these crucial questions. If you only need images at the moment and have no knowledge on when you will need to purchase again, you can opt for images on demand. On the other hand, subscription plans are recommended for regular image needs. If you need a special license, you will also need to get a different plan.

Images on Demand

Shutterstock prices for images on demand vary according to the number of images included in the packages. The most basic package contains 5 images for only $49, while the bigger image pack with 25 photos costs $229. All images include a Standard License, which allows you to use them in any creative project for as long as you like. Just keep in mind that all images must be downloaded within one year of purchase.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans come in two types: monthly and annual plans. They allow you to access the entire Shutterstock collection with no daily download limits. Both plans offer 350 and 750 images for different Shutterstock prices. To get the best value for your money, we recommend the yearly plan. For the annual plan, 350 images and 750 images cost $169/month and $199/month respectively. On the other hand, the monthly plans for 350 and 750 images cost $199 and $249 correspondingly.

Team Plans

Team plans are annual plans which prices vary according to the number of members of the team. If you have two members on your team, it will cost you $299/month; $399/month for 3 members; and $499/month for 4 members.

Enhanced Plans

If you need the images for merchandise or print runs over 500,000, you need to acquire an Enhanced License plan. Of course, it is more expensive than the Standard license. Shutterstock prices for images with Enhanced license are $199 for 2 images, $449 for 5 images, and $1,699 for 25 images. All images must be downloaded within one year of purchase as well.

Pricing and quality are two of the main reasons why many bloggers, web designers and business people choose Shutterstock as their primary image source. The stock photo website’s features are also one of the many things that make it stand out against its competitors.     

How to Get Adobe Stock for Almost Half Price!

adobe stock logoEarlier this year, when the tech giant Adobe launched their very own stock photo service with Adobe Stock (click here fore review from Stockphotosecrets), everyone noted the company’s big innovations in-app integration.  With Adobe Stock, any creative professional already using Adobe’s creative suite software got access to a very cool set of features, as anyone using Adobe’s proprietary creative software can now download Stock photos directly into their projects and experiment with them before paying.

But interestingly enough, that app integration goes both ways and signing up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud by purchasing one of their programs can give you a big discount when buying Adobe Stock Photos.  Here’s how you can save 40% on a monthly subscription to Adobe’s stock photography service with the Creative Cloud.

  1. Subscribe to Adobe Cloud

adobe-cloudTo get access to Adobe’s newest line of creative programs, you need to subscribe to the Adobe Cloud.  You can pick how many programs you would like to use for different monthly Adobe Cloud subscriptions.  Choose programs that you will get the most use out of, or choose their cheapest “Photography: package for access to Adobe’s hugely popular Photoshop.

  1. Add a Subscription to Adobe Stock

adobe-stock-subscriptionOnce you have a subscription to Adobe Cloud setup, you can get a huge discount on stock images with a monthly subscription to Adobe Stock.  All you have to do is sign up for a monthly plan through Adobe’s stock photography website, and enjoy the savings coming your way.  You shouldn’t have any problems adding a photo subscription to your existing creative cloud subscription.

  1. Enjoy Your Savings!

By subscribing to Adobe Cloud, you get to enjoy big savings on stock images.  Without a creative cloud account, Adobe Stock costs $49.99 per month, but with a cloud subscription you will only pay $29.99 for the same plan.  And adding additional images once you run out of their monthly allowance is cheaper too.  That’s 40% savings on Adobe Stock with an Adobe Cloud subscription.  Even if you don’t think you will be using any of Adobe’s creative programs, you still save $10 by adding a cloud subscription with their cheapest plan.

If you are interested in utilizing Adobe’s stock photography library, getting a subscription with Adobe Cloud as well is a great way to save some money.  If you are already an Adobe Cloud subscriber, adding a stock subscription is a no brainer, and if you are already a Stock subscriber adding the cheapest Cloud option could actually save you money.  Just another great example of app integration thanks to Adobe.

Recommended Sites to Buy Cheap Stock Images for Commercial Use

Back in 90’s, Stock photography was utilized by the newspaper industry, given the fact it was the major source of information most accessible to the masses. In recent times, Stock Photography is still widely used and is used in multimedia industries most especially for prints and web page designs. The purpose of stock photos is to provide multiple ranges of usage for certain pictures, depending on the theme, genre, or the purpose they would serve. Because of this, there are a lot of stock photos to choose from. Furthermore, due to its ability to hold virtually infinite amount of images, the internet is the most popular source for these cheap stock photos.

Before we proceed to the best sites to obtain cheap stock images, you should first understand copyright and other legalities involved with stock photos. As much as there are thousands or even millions of images available in the web, you can be sued by the owner if you recklessly use their images for commercial use (wherein you get monetary gain individually or as a company).  Basically, there are 2 kinds of stock images: Royalty-free and Rights-managed. For the former, you can use the images in virtually any kind of application and as many times as you want as long as you comply with the terms of the license agreement. There is no need to pay additional fees after you paid for those images. As for the latter, your right to use the images is restricted with limitations (e.g. duration of use, or to which kind of industry).

Copyright is a form of protection that the law provides the original artist or authors of their original works. All images and photos are automatically protected by copyright the moment they are created. Copyright infringement includes all, but not limited to, of the following: using the whole or part of an image without permission, using beyond the scope of a license or permission, art rendering without consent, and even asking another photographer to identically recreate the same images. Even if you’ve found an image via Google image search, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically free for commercial use. There is a difference between an image being online and an image being “in the public domain” – the term given to any content not owned or controlled by anyone.

Better Cheap Stock Photos than Free Ones

jump together

As far as free images are concerned, yes, they do exist! For these images to be “totally free”, the copyright hold must declare these image as free for personal or commercial use. The disadvantages of using free images include lower quality and, of course, when you have a high quality free image, you shouldn’t be surprised if you happen to see other business or other blogs and sites to use the same image.

Creative Commons Licenses allow creators of content to communicate which rights they reserve and which rights they waive so that the recipients and other creators could co-benefit. The creators may require attribution or credit for the use of their images, but if you have the most decent of online etiquette, you will always give credit to the source, creator/owner of the photos or images.
As long as you have an adequate understanding of the legalities involved, then you’re good to go to proceed with some of our listings for cheap stock photos commercial use. Neverless Depositphotos is a very affordable option as well.

Recommended Sites to get free and cheap photos and images for commercial use: – A straight-to-the-point site and source for a wide variety of free images for commercial use. A quick keyword search on their home site will direct you a page with the corresponding photos of your search. You will see a lot of thumbnails of images and you may get a quick preview of a selected image. Once you’ve decided to get an image for download, there’s a quick guide that will let you choose the version according to resolution and size of the image you want. Then there’s also an easy guide for appropriate crediting. This is one of the more popular of the free cheap stock agencies out there.

Morgue File – Is an interesting site for free images that help in contribution for many aspiring and commercial artists. Once you search for an image, you will the preview of the image with a corresponding interface featuring the number of likes, views, downloads, corresponding tags or keywords, and even comments. It is also equipped with the convenience of providing image URLs and social media integration.

Every Stock Photo – Is a good site to get free images or photos with the ability to save a collection of those images, provided you have an account and logged in. There’s also an advanced search feature if you want to be specific and if you’re at an office and can’t afford the scrutiny of random obscene images from a non-specific search, there is a safe search filter. Furthermore, they have a lot of sources for images and photos so it’s worth checking the site out.

Deviant Art Stock Images Section – DeviantArt has grown a lot as a community for artists and by artists. As such, a lot of artists are able to share their works some of which there are creative common licenses involved. With various genres and media used in photos and illustrations, you can find a lot of interesting images you might want for commercial use. Furthermore, you can also contact the artist if you want a specific piece of original image or photo you can use exclusively. Prices and terms can be negotiated. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular sites you can obtain and ask for affordable stock images.

Big Stock Photos – A site with monthly royalty subscription, this is an interesting site where you can cheaply access a lot of photos, images, and even videos, without worrying about legal repercussions if you plan to make use an image for a huge promotion or endorsement for business. Compared to several sites, their subscription fee is considerably cheap.

Master File – Another good site to get stock images and photos for a cheap price. It has rates of $10 – $250 per image (based on file size). One really handy feature is that, aside from the regular keyword search, it also has reverse image search – a feature that allows you to upload an image you have on your computer and it will check their database to see if they have the same image you uploaded. This is handy if you have a low resolution image and you want to have a higher resolution image.

Fotolia – Is another site that offers cheap stock images with rates as low as $1 for large images, and even less than a buck for the same images of lesser sizes. Surprisingly, the subscription rate is also cheap and they have royalty-free images with worldwide licenses “that don’t expire”. They simply have offers too good to pass on. It’s a site definitely worth checking.

Shutterstock – is one of the most popular sites for a lot of stock photos and images. Aside from illustrations, vectors, and photos, they also offer editorial, icons, and even music. It’s a pretty popular site but the downside is the presence of their watermark on every single image and thumbnail. It’s understandable this is to prevent people from just grabbing and downloading the images “illegally”, but it can be pretty much of an eyesore every time you browse around. However, with millions of content available from this site, it’s a great site not to check out.

I Wish I Had Heard About Depositphotos Sooner


Depositphotos is a great royalty free microstock photography agency. It is a buy stock images type of site. That has an app to go along with the business for the mobile users on the go. The site is able to be viewed in 15 different languages which is awesome for when you are trying to help a friend find the perfect photo for what they are looking for. Sometimes having the ability to find what you want in a different language can change a simple gesture into something more meaningful. Let’s see why I love buying from Depositphotos now.

My Depositphotos Review

My Depositphotos review would be that I would turn anyone to this site. Being able to buy stock images at such a low price and with all the amazing photos to choose from that fit every occasion you can’t go wrong. Including some of the following:

  • Animals
  • Baby
  • Cities
  • School
  • Romance
  • Backgrounds

They have so much to offer you on their website that you would be crazy to go anywhere else and to top it off it is really reasonably priced and they have only the best quality. It looks like you took the picture yourself with an expensive camera but no one has to know the truth but you.

DP are on all the social media websites so you are aware when the newest photos are up and ready to be purchased and some are actually free. The Depositphotos review I would give is that this site cares about its customers. They make it easy to find what you want and when you’re in a hurry that is always a plus. They have put in the effort to find out what their customers want and have it available for them.

High Class Images

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect photo for a certain occasion or class and with these high quality photos off of Depositphotos you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for and be able to actually make out what the picture is. When using these photos for personal, or business, it is nice to know you won’t be looked at like a crazy person if your picture or video looks bad. Before purchasing you are also available to see the photograph and how it will look after you buy it as well as the videos. A lot of sites require you to purchase videos before you can see them and this stock agency doesn’t do that. This is another reason why I would recommend th

You have the ability when searching through the photos to narrow down your search results by several criteria. You can do it by size, color, a certain word or phrase, orientation and even editorial. This search criterion is just another way to speed up the process to help you find exactly what you are looking for in a hurry. It is nothing like just searching through Google and not finding anything close to what you want or if you do find what you are looking for, still get a really bad photo.

Depositphotos is Fast and Easy to Use

With DP you know you are getting what you paid for. High quality work in a hurry. With the app they have now provided it makes things even faster so you can just get your photos on the go.

This stock agency even provides videos for as low as $10. Sometimes you want a video to go with a project for work or school and with this site you also have that. You don’t need to go to several locations to get the best pictures and the best videos. It is all located in one place. You just pay for it and get it. There is no wait or hassle, it is very simple to use and navigate the website that anyone can do it. You don’t have to know a bunch of things to work this website which is another thing I love.

The website also includes Vector stock. Vector stock images are able to be transferred to any size without messing up and looking completely different. You can just search what you’re looking for and it be there, this includes logos for a business which are hard to find that are different. Here you search and have many options to choose from.

This site is one of the best ones I have seen in a while. It knows you need things quickly, to look good and to not be overly priced and with them you have all of that.

  • Fast
  • Mobile
  • Narrow down search criteria
  • Reasonably priced
  • Photos, videos, and much more in one simple location

This stock agency has so much to offer you would be foolish to go anywhere else and you would have to go to multiple locations to find everything this website has in one place. Why waste all that extra time? It is much easier to just go where you know you are going to be treated great and get exactly what you want.

Buy Cheap Photos like a Pro from Depositphotos

In this Depositphotos review, we’ll discuss how you can buy cheap photos like a pro. Depositphotos is a stock photography agency that provides images to customers willing to pay for them. This can be done through credits or a subscription plan.

Stock photography consists of images that can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s commonly used in web design, ebook cover art and blogs but can be used for many personal and commercial ventures that require pictures. There are some restrictions to the use of the images.

Licensing at Depositphotos

depositphotos-logo-1When you buy cheap photos from any stock photography agency, you must be clear on the type of photograph that you’re buying, and the license that impacts its usage. All images available at DP are royalty-free, which basically means that the image can be used for digital or print applications. It can be used in advertisements, presentation, movies or television. In print, it can be used for shirts, newspapers, labels or calendars.

It cannot be used for items that will be resold where the sole selling point is the photograph itself. Users could not create their own site to resell the pictures, and the image cannot be given out for free. For example, if you wanted to create a calendar with pictures, the pictures play only a minor role in the purpose of the product. That would be allowed. The standard license has no end date. It’s good for a lifetime of use.

Depositphotos Screenshot

Searching for Photos

With over 16 million stock photographs, you’re not going to stumble across the perfect photograph without some help. There’s a powerful search function in DP that allows users to find the photo they need. You can search within the photo category or the other categories like vectors, editorial or videos. You can also search in all categories at once using the search bar.

While you could browse photographs for days and days, if you have a specific type of photograph in mind, you’ll need keywords. Advanced keyword search can help narrow down the possibilities too. You can enter keywords to exclude, the orientation of the photograph, the image size and the overall color tone of the photograph. Think about the keywords that will help you find the perfect photograph for your project.


Depositphotos Pricing

Credits are available for purchase. They start at 30 credits for $32. Each photograph has a credit amount based on the size of the photograph. Small file sizes cost less money. The downside is that they cannot be altered very much without losing resolution and becoming pixelated. Most images should be large to allow them to be resized for different mediums.

Subscription plans are great for anyone who needs more than one or two photos. If you have a blog, website or project that requires photographs constantly, the subscription plan is perfect. You can choose one month for $69. With the one month plan, users can download five images per day of any size. A three-month plan costs $199 and includes five images per day as well.


The downloads are available as soon as you choose a plan or buy credits and pick the size of the photograph. The browser you use will dictate where the files are saved, and you can change that at any time in your browser’s settings. After purchase, the photograph will still be available at Depositphotos for download up to a year later. If you’ve lost the photograph for any reason, check the buyer menu for your purchased file folder. It will allow you to download the same photograph again as many times as needed. You won’t have to pay for the download again for one year.

This Depositphotos review should help you navigate through the world of stunning photographs and download like a pro.

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