Buy Stock Photography from a Stock Agency

Are you looking for photos that you can retouch, edit and manipulate without limitations? You can find them in the vast libraries of stock photo agencies. Stock photos come with a standard license that allows you to use the images multiple times and edit photos without much resistance. While free photos are available in the Internet, they come with certain risks and can be limiting. You should buy stock photography to save time and money.


5 of the best places to buy stock photography include: 99 Club by StockPhotoSecrets, Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock and Depositphotos. Some are more expensive that the others, but they all provide the same things – high quality stock images and savings!

  • 99 Club offers 200 XXL images for just $99. It is perfect for small businesses and freelance graphic designers who require large volumes of stock photos on a tight budget. The stock site has over 4 million content, with over 80,000 more added every month. It also features premium content exclusive to the website. 5-agencoes
  • Shutterstock allows you to buy stock photography via credits and subscriptions. With over 84 million content, it has one of the largest stock collection in the market. It has flexible plans and credits that will suit your creative needs and budget. Compared to other stock agencies, it may be on the higher price end.
  • iStock has been in the industry for over 10 years. It allows you to buy stock photography via credits and subscription plans. If you are looking for really unique images, the stock site has some of the highest quality images in the market. Their regular images are great and their collection has millions.
  • Adobe Stock is one of the newest players in the industry. It is perfect for Creative Cloud users because it is integrated with the software. A single image costs $9.99, but you can also get a plan of 10 images for $29.99. Although it may be more expensive than other stock sites, it allows you to design and comp the images before buying them.
  • Depositphotos offers three kinds of buying options – credits, daily downloads, and monthly downloads. It has over 49 million of stock content in its collection and offers one of the cheapest plans in the industry. Their competitive pricing and flexibility of their plans are its strengths.

When it comes to jump-starting and completing creative projects, it is the best idea to buy stock photography. Stock images give you the ability to edit photos however you like. Free images come with limitations and risks that would destroy your reputation and empty your pockets. On the other hand, you can use stock photos in any project, multiple time, for as long as you like. Never leave your desk and buy stock photos online now!

How to Get Adobe Stock for Almost Half Price!

adobe stock logoEarlier this year, when the tech giant Adobe launched their very own stock photo service with Adobe Stock (click here fore review from Stockphotosecrets), everyone noted the company’s big innovations in-app integration.  With Adobe Stock, any creative professional already using Adobe’s creative suite software got access to a very cool set of features, as anyone using Adobe’s proprietary creative software can now download Stock photos directly into their projects and experiment with them before paying.

But interestingly enough, that app integration goes both ways and signing up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud by purchasing one of their programs can give you a big discount when buying Adobe Stock Photos.  Here’s how you can save 40% on a monthly subscription to Adobe’s stock photography service with the Creative Cloud.

  1. Subscribe to Adobe Cloud

adobe-cloudTo get access to Adobe’s newest line of creative programs, you need to subscribe to the Adobe Cloud.  You can pick how many programs you would like to use for different monthly Adobe Cloud subscriptions.  Choose programs that you will get the most use out of, or choose their cheapest “Photography: package for access to Adobe’s hugely popular Photoshop.

  1. Add a Subscription to Adobe Stock

adobe-stock-subscriptionOnce you have a subscription to Adobe Cloud setup, you can get a huge discount on stock images with a monthly subscription to Adobe Stock.  All you have to do is sign up for a monthly plan through Adobe’s stock photography website, and enjoy the savings coming your way.  You shouldn’t have any problems adding a photo subscription to your existing creative cloud subscription.

  1. Enjoy Your Savings!

By subscribing to Adobe Cloud, you get to enjoy big savings on stock images.  Without a creative cloud account, Adobe Stock costs $49.99 per month, but with a cloud subscription you will only pay $29.99 for the same plan.  And adding additional images once you run out of their monthly allowance is cheaper too.  That’s 40% savings on Adobe Stock with an Adobe Cloud subscription.  Even if you don’t think you will be using any of Adobe’s creative programs, you still save $10 by adding a cloud subscription with their cheapest plan.

If you are interested in utilizing Adobe’s stock photography library, getting a subscription with Adobe Cloud as well is a great way to save some money.  If you are already an Adobe Cloud subscriber, adding a stock subscription is a no brainer, and if you are already a Stock subscriber adding the cheapest Cloud option could actually save you money.  Just another great example of app integration thanks to Adobe.