Dollar Photo Club Closed — 99Club Open For Business

dpc dollar photo club logoYou may have read or seen on Facebook that Dollar Photo Club is closing down on April 15, 2016, and you might even be a member that is unaware what has been happening the last few days. Just a couple of days ago Dollar Photo Club, a sister site of Fotolia, announced they were closing down their site, citing Fotolia’s and Dollar Photo Club purchase by Adobe Stock as the reason.

Adobe Stock did indeed purchase Fotolia (along with Dollar Photo Club) on January 15, 2016. If you don’t know who the Dollar Photo Club is, it is/was a stock photo membership site that sold images for $1. Luckily, if you are looking for a Dollar Photo Club alternative or something even better Stock Photo Secrets has a limited-time offer called the 99Club that gives you twice the amount for the same price.

Current members of the Dollar Photo Club won’t be refunded for their membership, or remaining downloads, instead they must move over to Adobe Stock to redeem any downloads left, or if you don’t migrate will lose what you paid for.

Here at Stock Photo Secrets we have a better Dollar Photo Club alternative than anywhere else, which lets you download 200 XXL royalty-free images for just $99 a year — which is exactly 100 more downloads you could get as a Dollar Photo Club member.

Anyone that has a recently renewed membership or remaining image downloads can still do so on the Dollar Photo Club website up until April 15, 2016, but they are no longer allowing new memberships as well.

To learn more about Stock Photo Secrets 99Club Dollar Photo Club alternative, we have put together some essential information you’ll need to get started with our membership.

Why We Are The Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative


Where else can you get 200 XXL images downloads of any size for $99 from a premium image collection like Stock Photo Secrets, with over 4 million images with 60.000-80.000 images uploaded every month? You can’t even get that at Dollar Photo Club, but luckily you have the opportunity to take us up on our limited-time offer and join the 99Club, where you can pick any photo, vector, and premium font in our collection.

When you join the 99Club you get access to our high-quality, premium royalty-free images, and the best part is, you can use them forever once they’re downloaded, even after an expired membership. Our image bank is continually growing, and for those with a Dollar Photo Club expired membership, 99Club gives you more for your money without the hassle of moving into Adobe Stock’s ecosystem.

There are no additional fees, just $99 dollars for a year that gives you 200 downloads. Also, we won’t automatically renew your membership after a year, so it won’t take you by surprise. You can download as many images as you want per month, and if you download more than 200 images before your year is up, each additional image will only cost $0.99 per download (nothing more, nothing less). Stock Photo Secrets is simple to use and is just like Dollar Photo Club, except we offer a lot more. The 99Club is the Dollar Photo Club alternative that fast, easy to understand terms, and the best value you can get today.

  • All images, vectors and fonts from our 4.000.000 images included
  • High Res Photos, Vectors & Fonts (no Videos)
  • 200 XXL downloads each year (double the downloads of Dollar Photo Club)
  • Royalty Free License
  • Use the images FOREVER
  • Subscription only $99 with NO additional fees!
  • One time fee – no auto-renew
  • Perfect for Dollar Photo Club Expired Customers

Common Questions Answered About 99Club


Many people have asked us over the past couple of days if we are in any way related to Fotolia or Dollar Photo Club, and the answer is no, we are not in any way, shape, or form. Stock Photo Secrets has been in business for 10 years, and has even been through tough economic times and has kept its doors open. You won’t have to worry about your membership being given to another company, in fact, you are being offered the best Dollar Photo Club alternative.

A lot of people often have questions about stock photos wondering how, and when, and where they can use royalty-free images. The answer is simple, with Stock photo Secrets you get the right to these images forever, you can use them as much or as many times as you’d like once you’ve paid, and don’t ever have to worry about licensing. In fact, our entire image collection of over 4.000.000 images already have model and property releases already signed and ready to use however you’d like.

We also refer to ‘XXL’ size for our 99Club, which means you can print A3 at 300dpi or even 6’ x 6’ at 72dpi, and all of our vector files can be downloaded in EPS format. Our premium collection of royalty-free images at Stock Photo Secrets is open to 99Club members, and it is chock full of millions of professionally created images.

The 99Club offer is only going to last for a short time, so to make sure you get our deal, and to avoid any issues with your Dollar Photo Club membership, sign up today so you can be a part of the better alternative. It’s also important to note that the 99Club membership only offers premium stock images and not videos.

You will also be able to renew your membership after one year, allowing you to keep paying $99 for 200 XXL images you can use forever.

It is very sad to see one of our friends like the Dollar Photo Club close, and we hope that any customers who migrate over to Adobe Stock have an easy integration into their system. But if you are wanting to avoid auto-renewals and higher prices after one year at Adobe Stock, the 99Club is your best Dollar Club Photo alternative.